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Healing Touch (3 Basic Principles)

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

  1. Everything is Energy

  2. Maintaining homeostasis

  3. Healing touch supports the body


Everything is Energy

You may remember learning about energy in science class, where the first law of thermodynamics says that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, it can only change form. Here is more information about that and about energy in general. What does that really mean for you though? Well first, the total amount of energy in a system, like the human body, changes form but is never gone.

We sometimes say, "I have no energy", but why do we feel like our energy has left us? You can likely identify with times you felt like you had "high" energy or "low" energy - times you felt you could not do one more thing, and times you were ready to tackle the next task or save the world. The reality is, if we are able to maintain an equilibrium or balance of the energy within and around our bodies, we feel better and are better able to function at par. It is not that the your energy has been depleted or that you have more than you did before, it is just that your body out of balance. You need to keep your energy in balance.

Maintaining Homeostasis

Energetic patterns or molecular changes are taking place all the time in the body to adjust, to take care of you. Our bodies naturally maintain or move toward maintaining balance or homeostasis. Here is a well written article about homeostasis. When there is disruption in homeostasis, the body corrects the disruption through this homeostatic process. The disruption could be in body temperature, for example. You exercise and your body temperature starts warming up. If you continue, your body has to do something to cool itself back down to about 98.6 F. You start sweating as a means of cooling the body off. If something disrupts your body's natural process to cool itself down, say you cannot sweat, your body can get overheated. Similarly, this is how disease works - something in the body isn't working correctly and may even be permanently damaged. This is where medications, therapies and life style modifications help the body maintain a level of balance.

Something we all deal with is stress. Stress over time wears on the body's natural homeostatic system, and we can become distressed. We know that distress leads to sleepless nights, anxiety attacks, weight gain, high blood pressure and many things that feel like we are "out of balance". Healing touch assists the body in staying in balance and remaining or getting back to hemostasis. This also keeps our energy in the form we need for our bodies to best utilize it.

Healing Touch Supports the Body

One such energy therapy is healing touch. Healing touch is a modality done in person or at a distance, involving light touch or hands off the body, where one's energy is balanced. Healing touch comes out of the work of the wholistic nursing association, and includes a brief pre and post assessment, and specific researched techniques in between the assessments, to balance your energy system.

You can learn more about healing touch and the research done showing the efficacy of this therapy here.

I am certified in healing touch. Over the years of receiving and providing healing touch, I have experienced and witnessed profound positive healing effects. You can email me at if you want to learn more.

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