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Through focusing on self-care and healing, create a community of hope and strength, starting with love and acceptance of who and where each of us is today.


Mental health and wellness creation for individuals, groups and the community at large.


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Theresa Marschik, MBA, MSW, LCSW, CHTP
   Mental Health Specialist

With 30 years of experience assisting people and groups on their journey to healing and wholeness, Theresa is waiting to meet you on your journey.  

As a clinical social worker, healing touch practitioner, and ASIST training facilitator with a background as a recreation therapist, aromatherapist, challenge-by-choice ROPES course instructor, trainer for crisis intervention, as well as a manager and director of people who provide these services, Theresa's background offers something to connect to each one of you individually or to your group as a whole.

Facilitation and understanding of connection, group interaction, systems theory, and mind body healing make Theresa right for almost every growth experience.  

Reach out today.

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