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Energy Healing: 3 Things You Can Expect

What does an energy healing treatment entail?


Healing touch, and all energy work, is non-invasive, done with your clothes on, and completed in-person or at a distance. You can be sitting in a chair or lying down on a massage table for comfort. Here is my blog with more information about healing touch and energy work and the premise behind these modalities.

Below are three things you can expect when you schedule a healing touch or energy therapy session:

1) You should expect to receive paperwork with a disclosure and consent, as well as medical/history and intake paperwork. Just like you would expect a doctor or massage therapist to know something about you and your needs, you should expect the same from an energy worker (healing touch or Reiki). They should ask you to complete the paperwork prior to the first session and discuss your needs prior to getting on the table. The disclosure and consent should tell you all about the practitioners training and credentials and should ask for your consent prior to beginning the session.

2) You should expect to pay the practitioner a set fee, which you can feel free to ask about prior to the first appointment. However, you should not feel obligated or expect to give a tip as you do with a massage therapist. Your fee should be the only thing you pay. It is nice to know that the fee is all you should pay, with no hidden extra charges, taxes, or tip, unless this is disclosed prior to you meeting for your first session.

3) You should expect to be done with the session within an hour, unless otherwise discussed. This is no different from a massage or therapy session. The 45 minutes to 60 minutes for a session is pretty standard.


What other questions do you have about healing touch or energy work? Many people are seeking complimentary ways to treat pain, relax, stay centered, and feel as healthy as possible. Healing touch is definitely a treatment that needs to be on everyone's list of things that help them treat pain, anxiety, and stress. Email us at for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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